Twenty Five Twenty One Sub Indo Drakorindo: A Must-Watch Drama Series

For Korean drama enthusiasts, the name Drakorindo is not new. It’s a popular Korean drama streaming website that offers a vast collection of dramas for free. One of the most popular dramas on the website is Twenty Five Twenty One. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the drama and discuss why it’s a must-watch for everyone.

What is Twenty Five Twenty One?

Twenty Five Twenty One is a Korean drama series that aired in 2021. It’s a romantic drama that revolves around the lives of two individuals, Lee Yoo-chan and Kim Yi-na. Lee Yoo-chan is a genius programmer who works at a tech company, while Kim Yi-na is a contract worker at the same company.

The drama follows their journey as they fall in love with each other and overcome various obstacles in their personal and professional lives. The drama has a total of 12 episodes, and each episode is around 70 minutes long.

Why is Twenty Five Twenty One popular?

There are several reasons why Twenty Five Twenty One is a popular drama on Drakorindo. Firstly, the storyline is unique and engaging. It’s a refreshing change from the typical romantic dramas that we usually see. The drama explores the challenges that come with working in the tech industry and how it affects personal relationships.

Secondly, the chemistry between the two leads, Nam Yoon-su and Kim Bo-ra, is excellent. They have great on-screen chemistry, which makes their love story even more compelling. The supporting cast is also excellent, and they add depth to the story.

Thirdly, the drama has a great soundtrack. The OSTs are emotional and complement the scenes perfectly. The cinematography is also excellent, and it captures the essence of the drama beautifully.

Where can you watch Twenty Five Twenty One with Sub Indo?

If you’re interested in watching Twenty Five Twenty One with Sub Indo, you can do so on Drakorindo. The website offers the drama series with Indonesian subtitles, which makes it accessible to a wider audience.

Drakorindo is a reliable website that offers high-quality video streaming. The website is easy to navigate, and you can find the drama series by searching for it on the homepage. Once you find the drama, click on it, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose the episode you want to watch.


Twenty Five Twenty One is a must-watch drama series for anyone who loves romantic dramas. The unique storyline, excellent cast, and beautiful soundtrack make it a memorable drama. If you’re interested in watching it, head over to Drakorindo and start streaming today!

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