The Side Story of Fox Volant Sub Indo: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Martial Arts


Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain, or known as Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, is a popular Chinese wuxia novel written by Jin Yong. The novel was adapted into various forms of media, including TV series and films. One of the adaptations is the Fox Volant Sub Indo, a TV series that tells the story of Hu Fei, a young martial artist who seeks revenge for his father’s death. The series not only focuses on Hu Fei’s journey but also introduces various characters and their stories. In this article, we will discuss the side story of Fox Volant Sub Indo and how it adds depth to the main plot.


The side story of Fox Volant Sub Indo is based on the character Mei Chaofeng, a female antagonist who appears in the later part of the novel. Mei Chaofeng is a member of the Beggar’s Sect, a group of martial artists who live in poverty. She is known for her beauty and her deadly martial arts skills. However, Mei Chaofeng’s life is not as simple as it seems. Her backstory is explored in the side story, revealing her tragic past and her motivations.

Mei Chaofeng’s Backstory

Mei Chaofeng was born into a wealthy family. Her father was a successful businessman who owned a silk factory. However, Mei Chaofeng’s life changed when her father was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. He was sentenced to death, and their family’s wealth was seized. Mei Chaofeng and her mother were forced to leave their home and live in poverty. Mei Chaofeng’s mother became ill and died, leaving Mei Chaofeng alone in the world.

Joining the Beggar’s Sect

Mei Chaofeng had to survive on her own, and she turned to the Beggar’s Sect for help. The leader of the sect, Hong Qigong, took pity on Mei Chaofeng and allowed her to join. Mei Chaofeng proved to be a talented martial artist and quickly rose through the ranks of the sect. However, Mei Chaofeng’s desire for revenge against those who wronged her family never faded.

Meeting Wu Santong

Mei Chaofeng’s path to revenge became clearer when she met Wu Santong, a former student of her father’s. Wu Santong had evidence that could prove Mei Chaofeng’s father’s innocence, but he refused to give it to her unless she married him. Mei Chaofeng agreed to the deal, but she didn’t love Wu Santong. Instead, she fell in love with another member of the Beggar’s Sect, Lu Dayou.

Betrayal and Tragedy

Mei Chaofeng’s plan for revenge was complicated by her feelings for Lu Dayou. When Wu Santong discovered Mei Chaofeng’s affair with Lu Dayou, he was furious and betrayed her. Wu Santong revealed Mei Chaofeng’s plan to the people responsible for her father’s death, leading to a bloody confrontation between Mei Chaofeng and her enemies. In the end, Mei Chaofeng lost everything, including Lu Dayou, who died protecting her.


The side story of Fox Volant Sub Indo adds depth and complexity to Mei Chaofeng’s character. Her tragic backstory and her motivations for revenge make her more than just a one-dimensional villain. The side story also explores themes of love, betrayal, and loyalty, making it a compelling addition to the main plot. By understanding the side story, viewers can appreciate the nuances of Fox Volant Sub Indo and the characters that inhabit its world.

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