Manyuu Hikenchou BD Batch Subtitle Indonesia: An Anime Series Worth Watching

What is Manyuu Hikenchou?

Manyuu Hikenchou is an anime series that was first released in 2011. The story is set in a world where breast size determines a woman’s social status. The series follows the adventures of Chifusa Manyuu, a samurai with a mission to steal the secret scroll of the Manyuu clan, which contains the power to increase or decrease a woman’s breast size.

The Plot and Characters

The series revolves around Chifusa Manyuu, who rebels against the traditions of her clan. She steals the secret scroll and goes on a journey to destroy it, as she believes that all women should be equal regardless of their breast size. Along the way, she meets many interesting characters, including Kaede, a young girl who becomes Chifusa’s apprentice, and Kagefusa, Chifusa’s sister, who is sent to retrieve the stolen scroll.

The Animation and Soundtrack

Manyuu Hikenchou has excellent animation, with beautifully drawn characters and backgrounds. The fight scenes are well-choreographed and exciting to watch. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning, with a mix of traditional Japanese music and modern beats that add to the overall atmosphere of the series.

Why You Should Watch Manyuu Hikenchou

Manyuu Hikenchou is a unique anime series that explores the theme of gender inequality in a creative and entertaining way. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and the story is engaging from start to finish. The animation and soundtrack also add to the overall quality of the series.

Where to Watch Manyuu Hikenchou BD Batch Subtitle Indonesia

Manyuu Hikenchou BD Batch Subtitle Indonesia can be found on various anime streaming websites, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation. It is also available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray.

The Impact and Legacy of Manyuu Hikenchou

Manyuu Hikenchou has gained a dedicated fanbase over the years, with many praising its unique take on gender inequality. The series has also inspired various fan works, including fan art and fanfiction. Despite its controversial subject matter, Manyuu Hikenchou remains a popular anime series among fans of the genre.

Other Anime Series to Watch

If you enjoyed Manyuu Hikenchou, you might want to check out other anime series with similar themes and genres. Some recommendations include:- Kill la Kill: A series about a girl who must fight against a powerful school council that controls the students’ lives through their clothing.- High School of the Dead: A series about a group of high school students who must survive a zombie apocalypse.- Ikki Tousen: A series about a group of warriors who are reincarnations of ancient Chinese warriors.


Manyuu Hikenchou BD Batch Subtitle Indonesia is a must-watch anime series for fans of the genre. It explores the theme of gender inequality in a unique and creative way, with engaging characters and an exciting plot. Whether you’re a longtime anime fan or new to the genre, Manyuu Hikenchou is definitely worth checking out.

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