Loving Never Forgetting Sub Indo: A Heartwarming Love Story


Loving Never Forgetting Sub Indo is a Chinese romantic drama that has gained immense popularity in Indonesia. The show highlights the journey of two individuals who fall in love and face various challenges in their relationship.

The Plot

The story revolves around He Hao Yi, a successful businessman who lost his memory in a car accident. He meets a girl named Li Wei Wei, who takes care of him during his recovery. The two develop a close bond, and He Hao Yi falls in love with Li Wei Wei.

However, their relationship is not easy, as He Hao Yi’s ex-girlfriend comes back into his life, causing a lot of drama. Li Wei Wei is also hiding a dark secret that could potentially ruin their relationship.

The Characters

He Hao Yi is played by the talented actor Jerry Yan, who portrays the character with depth and emotion. His chemistry with the female lead Li Wei Wei, played by Tong Li Ya, is excellent, making their love story even more captivating.

The supporting cast also adds to the show’s appeal, with their unique personalities and storylines.

The Themes

Loving Never Forgetting Sub Indo explores various themes such as love, family, and forgiveness. The show emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding in a relationship.

The show also highlights the impact of memory loss on a person’s life and relationships and how it affects their loved ones.

The Impact

Loving Never Forgetting Sub Indo has gained a massive following in Indonesia, with fans praising the show’s storyline and characters. The show’s popularity has also led to the creation of various fan pages and merchandise.

The show has also brought attention to Chinese dramas in Indonesia. Many viewers have discovered other Chinese dramas and have become fans of the genre.


Loving Never Forgetting Sub Indo is a heartwarming love story that has captured the hearts of many viewers in Indonesia. The show’s excellent cast, storyline, and themes make it a must-watch for fans of romantic dramas.

The show’s impact on the Indonesian audience has also been significant, bringing attention to Chinese dramas and expanding the viewer’s preferences.

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