Love That Will Freeze to Death Sub Indo: A Heartwarming Indonesian Movie

Love That Will Freeze to Death, or Cinta yang Beku Mati in Bahasa Indonesia, is a movie that tells a story about the power of love in overcoming the harshness of winter. Set in a remote village in Indonesia, the movie follows the journey of two young lovers, Rama and Sari, as they struggle to survive the freezing cold weather while trying to keep their love alive.

The Plot

The movie begins with Rama and Sari, two childhood friends who have fallen in love with each other. They live in a small village located in the highlands of Indonesia, where winter can be harsh and unforgiving. As the winter sets in, the village is covered in snow, and the temperature drops to below freezing point. The villagers prepare themselves for the long winter months, but Rama and Sari are not ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

As the days pass, Rama and Sari struggle to keep themselves warm and fed. They spend most of their time together, huddled in a small hut, trying to stay warm and survive the harsh weather. But their love for each other keeps them going, and they find hope in each other’s company.

The Challenges

As the winter gets worse, Rama and Sari face several challenges that test their love and commitment to each other. They have to deal with hunger, cold, and isolation. The snow and ice make it difficult for them to move around, and they are forced to stay indoors most of the time. They also have to deal with the villagers, who are suspicious of their relationship and do not approve of their love.

Despite all these challenges, Rama and Sari remain steadfast in their love for each other. They find ways to keep each other warm and fed, and they never give up on each other. Their love becomes a beacon of hope in the midst of the harsh winter, inspiring the villagers to come together and help them.

The Message

Love That Will Freeze to Death is a movie that celebrates the power of love in overcoming adversity. It shows that love can conquer even the harshest of winters and that it can inspire people to come together and help each other. The movie also highlights the importance of community and how it can provide support and strength in difficult times.

The movie also touches on the theme of acceptance and tolerance. It shows how people can be quick to judge others based on their appearance or behavior and how this can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. But it also shows that with understanding and empathy, people can come together and overcome their differences.

The Cast

Love That Will Freeze to Death features a talented cast of Indonesian actors and actresses. The lead roles are played by Adipati Dolken and Vanesha Prescilla, two rising stars in the Indonesian film industry. Their chemistry on screen is palpable, and they bring a sense of authenticity and vulnerability to their characters.

The Director

The movie is directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, a talented Indonesian filmmaker who has made a name for himself in the industry. His previous works include the critically acclaimed movies, Filosofi Kopi and Bukaan 8. His style of storytelling is grounded in realism and focuses on the human experience.

The Soundtrack

The movie features a beautiful soundtrack composed by Aghi Narottama, an Indonesian musician and composer. The music adds depth and emotion to the movie and enhances the overall viewing experience.

The Reception

Love That Will Freeze to Death has received positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. It has been praised for its heartfelt story, beautiful cinematography, and outstanding performances. The movie has also been recognized at several film festivals, including the Indonesian Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film Festival.


Love That Will Freeze to Death is a heartwarming movie that celebrates the power of love and community in overcoming adversity. It is a movie that will touch your heart and leave you feeling inspired. With its beautiful story, talented cast, and stunning cinematography, it is a movie that is worth watching. If you are looking for a movie that will warm your heart and lift your spirits, Love That Will Freeze to Death is the perfect choice.

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