Little Forest Summer Autumn Japanese Movie 2014 Subtitle Indonesia


Are you looking for a heartwarming and relaxing movie to watch during the summer or autumn season? Look no further than Little Forest Summer Autumn, a Japanese movie released in 2014. This movie will take you on a journey through the beauty of rural Japan, showcasing the stunning landscapes and delicious foods that the country has to offer.

The Plot

Little Forest Summer Autumn follows the story of Ichiko, a young woman who moves back to her small hometown in rural Japan after growing tired of city life. She spends her days gardening, cooking, and harvesting crops, reconnecting with nature and rediscovering her passion for cooking. The movie is divided into two parts, with the first part set in the summer and the second part set in the autumn.Throughout the movie, Ichiko learns to appreciate the small things in life, such as the changing of the seasons and the joy of sharing food with others. Along the way, she meets various characters who help her on her journey, including her childhood friend, a local farmer, and a retired teacher.

The Cast

The main character, Ichiko, is played by Ai Hashimoto, a talented young actress who perfectly captures the essence of the character. Other notable cast members include Takahiro Miura as Kikko, Yosuke Asari as Yuta, and Mayu Miyamoto as Fumiko.

The Setting

One of the standout features of Little Forest Summer Autumn is its stunning setting. The movie was filmed in the countryside of Japan, showcasing the natural beauty of the area. From lush green forests to golden fields of rice, the movie captures the essence of rural Japan in a way that few other movies have done before.

The Food

Another highlight of the movie is the delicious food that is featured throughout. Ichiko spends much of her time cooking and preparing meals, using fresh ingredients from her garden and the local farmers’ market. The movie showcases a variety of dishes, including traditional Japanese dishes such as tempura, rice balls, and udon noodles.

The Themes

At its core, Little Forest Summer Autumn is a movie about reconnecting with nature and finding joy in the simple things in life. Throughout the movie, Ichiko learns to appreciate the changing seasons and the beauty of the natural world around her. The movie also explores themes of friendship, community, and the importance of sharing food with others.


For non-Japanese speakers, the movie is available with English subtitles. Additionally, for Indonesian viewers, the movie is also available with Indonesian subtitles, making it accessible to a wider audience.


If you’re looking for a heartwarming and relaxing movie to watch this summer or autumn, Little Forest Summer Autumn is the perfect choice. With its stunning setting, delicious food, and uplifting themes, this movie is sure to leave you feeling inspired and reconnected with nature. So gather some friends, grab some snacks, and enjoy this beautiful movie together.

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