Haruchika Live Action 2017 Sub Indo: The Perfect Blend of Music and Mystery

Haruchika is a Japanese novel series written by Sei Hatsuno. It was later adapted into an anime series that aired in 2016. The story revolves around a high school brass band club and their journey to solve mysterious cases that are related to music. The anime was a huge success and was loved by fans all over the world.

The Storyline

The live-action adaptation of Haruchika was released in 2017. The story follows the same plot as the anime and the novel. The main characters of the story are Haruta and Chika, who are members of the high school brass band club. They both possess unique abilities that help them solve the mysteries that are related to music.

The story takes a turn when a new transfer student, Saho, joins the club. She is a talented flutist and is immediately drawn to the club. However, she also brings with her a mystery related to music that the club has to solve.

The Cast and Crew

The Haruchika live-action adaptation was directed by Masahide Ichii and produced by the Nippon Television Network Corporation. The lead roles were played by Kento Nakajima, who played Haruta, and Anna Ishii, who played Chika. Other cast members include Yuri Tsunematsu, Hiroya Shimizu, and Takuma Hiraoka.

The Music

One of the main highlights of the Haruchika live-action adaptation is its music. The movie features several classical pieces that are integrated into the storyline. The cast members also showcase their musical abilities, making the movie a treat for music lovers.

The Reception

The Haruchika live-action adaptation received mixed reviews from critics and fans. While some praised the movie for its music and cinematography, others criticized it for its slow pace and lack of character development. However, the movie was a commercial success and was loved by fans of the anime and the novel.


Overall, the Haruchika live-action adaptation is a must-watch for fans of the anime and the novel. It features a talented cast, beautiful music, and an intriguing storyline that will keep you hooked till the end. The movie is available with subtitles in different languages, including Indonesian. So, if you’re looking for a movie that combines music and mystery, Haruchika is the perfect choice.

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