Engage Kiss Sub Indo: A New Must-Watch Series for Indonesian Romance Fans

Are you a fan of romantic TV series? If yes, then you must watch Engage Kiss Sub Indo. It is a fresh Indonesian series that has been trending among romance fans. Engage Kiss Sub Indo is a romantic comedy that revolves around the love story of two young individuals, Arif and Nadia. The series is directed by Rizki Balki and produced by Screenplay Films.

Plot Summary

The series is set in a small town in Indonesia, where Arif and Nadia live. Arif is a shy and introverted boy who runs his own stationery shop. On the other hand, Nadia is an outgoing and confident girl, who is studying to become a journalist. They both have been neighbors since childhood and have grown up together.

One day, Nadia confesses her love to Arif, but he rejects her, stating that he only sees her as a friend. Nadia is heartbroken but decides to move on with her life. She starts dating other guys, but she can’t seem to forget Arif. Meanwhile, Arif realizes that he has feelings for Nadia, but he is too afraid to confess them.

The story takes a turn when Nadia gets a job at a newspaper in Jakarta. Arif decides to follow her and move to Jakarta as well, to start his own stationery business. In Jakarta, they meet again, and their love story takes off. However, things get complicated when Nadia’s ex-boyfriend, Joko, enters the picture.

The Cast

The series stars two of the most popular young actors in Indonesia, Adipati Dolken and Vanesha Prescilla, in the lead roles of Arif and Nadia. Adipati Dolken is known for his roles in several romantic movies, while Vanesha Prescilla has gained popularity for her role in the hit movie Dilan 1990. The supporting cast includes several talented actors, such as Refal Hady, Karina Salim, and Tanta Ginting.

The Music

The series features a beautiful soundtrack that complements the romantic storyline. The theme song, “Engage Kiss,” is sung by the talented Indonesian singer Raisa. The song has become very popular among fans of the series.

The Reception

Engage Kiss Sub Indo has received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The series has been praised for its fresh storyline, beautiful cinematography, and great performances by the cast. The chemistry between Adipati Dolken and Vanesha Prescilla has been particularly praised.

The series has also been a hit on social media, with fans sharing their love for the show on Twitter and Instagram. Several fan pages have been created, dedicated to the show and its cast.


Engage Kiss Sub Indo is a must-watch series for all fans of romantic comedies. The series offers a fresh take on the classic love story and features great performances by its talented cast. With a beautiful soundtrack and stunning cinematography, the series is a visual treat. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, grab some popcorn, and get ready to binge-watch Engage Kiss Sub Indo.

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