Chainsaw Man Episode 4 Sub Indo Anoboy: Review, Synopsis, and More

Chainsaw Man is an anime series that has gained a lot of popularity among anime fans in Indonesia. The show is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Chainsaw Man follows the story of a young man named Denji, who is transformed into a demon hunter after merging with a chainsaw demon. The anime series, which is currently airing, has just released its fourth episode. In this article, we will review Chainsaw Man episode 4 sub indo anoboy and give you a synopsis of what happened in the episode.

Chainsaw Man Episode 4 Synopsis

The fourth episode of Chainsaw Man starts with a flashback of Denji’s past. We see him living a poor life with his father, who owes a lot of money to the yakuza. Denji is forced to work for the yakuza to pay off his father’s debts. One day, Denji’s father dies, and he is left with nothing.

Back in the present, Denji is on a mission with his demon hunting team to take down a devil that has been causing havoc in the city. The devil, named Eternity Devil, is a powerful devil that can manipulate time. Denji and his team struggle to fight against Eternity Devil, but they eventually come up with a plan to defeat him. They manage to capture Eternity Devil and bring him back to their headquarters.

At the headquarters, Denji learns that the devil he captured is worth a lot of money. He is tempted to sell the devil to pay off his debts. However, his team leader Makima tells him that they cannot sell the devil as it is against their organization’s rules. Denji agrees to follow the rules, but he is still struggling with his financial situation.

The episode ends with Denji contemplating his life and wondering if he made the right decision by becoming a demon hunter.

Chainsaw Man Episode 4 Review

Chainsaw Man episode 4 is a great episode that provides a lot of background information on Denji’s past. The flashback scenes are emotional and help us understand why Denji is the way he is. The fight scenes against Eternity Devil are also well-animated and intense.

The episode also introduces the concept of devils being worth money, which adds another layer to the show’s world-building. The conflict between Denji’s desire to pay off his debts and his loyalty to his team also creates an interesting dilemma for his character.

Overall, Chainsaw Man episode 4 is a great addition to the series and leaves us wanting more.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 4 Sub Indo Anoboy

If you are looking to watch Chainsaw Man episode 4 sub indo anoboy, you can find it on the Anoboy website. Anoboy is a popular anime streaming website that provides Indonesian subtitles for anime series.


Chainsaw Man episode 4 sub indo anoboy is a great episode that provides a lot of character development and action. The episode leaves us wanting more and sets up the next episode for an interesting conflict. If you are a fan of the series, make sure to check out episode 4 on Anoboy.

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