Between Us Sub Indo: A Romantic Drama That Will Keep You Hooked


If you’re in the mood for a romantic drama that will make your heart race, then Between Us Sub Indo is the perfect movie for you! This Indonesian film is a beautiful love story that will keep you hooked until the very end. The movie is directed by Toni Hariyanto and stars a talented cast, including Adipati Dolken, Vanesha Prescilla, and Dea Panendra.

The Plot

Between Us Sub Indo follows the story of Bima and Dara, two childhood friends who reconnect after years apart. Bima is a successful architect who returns to his hometown after a long absence, and Dara is a talented musician who is still living there. As they spend more time together, Bima and Dara realize that they have feelings for each other.

However, their love is complicated by the fact that Dara is in a committed relationship with another man. Bima and Dara struggle to navigate their feelings for each other while trying to maintain their friendship and respect for Dara’s boyfriend.

The Themes

Between Us Sub Indo explores themes of love, friendship, and loyalty. The movie asks the question, “Can we be loyal to our friends and loved ones while also following our hearts?” Bima and Dara’s relationship is put to the test as they try to balance their feelings for each other with their obligations to others.

The movie also touches on the theme of self-discovery. Both Bima and Dara are at a crossroads in their lives, trying to figure out what they want and who they are. Their relationship helps them to discover new things about themselves and what they truly want out of life.

The Cast

The cast of Between Us Sub Indo is phenomenal. Adipati Dolken, who plays Bima, is a well-known Indonesian actor who has starred in numerous popular films. Vanesha Prescilla, who plays Dara, is a rising star who has also been in several successful movies. The chemistry between Dolken and Prescilla is undeniable, and their performances are both heartfelt and captivating.

Dea Panendra, who plays Dara’s boyfriend, also gives an excellent performance. He brings depth and complexity to his character, making it clear that he is more than just a love interest.

The Setting

Between Us Sub Indo is set in a small Indonesian town, giving the movie a cozy and intimate feel. The town is beautifully shot, with stunning landscapes and warm, inviting colors. The setting adds to the movie’s overall charm and makes it feel like a place you would want to visit.

The Music

The music in Between Us Sub Indo is another standout element of the movie. Dara is a talented musician, and the movie features several beautiful songs performed by her character. The music adds to the movie’s romantic and emotional tone, making it even more enjoyable to watch.

The Reception

Between Us Sub Indo has received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The movie has been praised for its excellent performances, beautiful setting, and heartfelt story. It has also been noted for its mature and nuanced exploration of love and friendship.


Between Us Sub Indo is a must-watch movie for anyone who loves romantic dramas. The movie is beautifully shot, expertly acted, and features a compelling and emotional story. It will keep you hooked from beginning to end, and you’ll find yourself rooting for Bima and Dara’s love to succeed. Don’t miss out on this charming and heartwarming film!

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