Alive Sub Indo: Survival Thriller Movie

Alive Sub Indo is a 2020 South Korean survival thriller movie that tells the story of a young man named Oh Joon-woo who struggles to survive in an apocalyptic world. The movie is directed by Cho Il-hyung and stars Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye as the main characters. The movie is based on the hit 2019 American movie “Alive”.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Oh Joon-woo, a young man who lives alone in an apartment in Seoul, South Korea. One day, a strange virus outbreak occurs, and the city is put under lockdown. Joon-woo, who is unaware of the situation outside, tries to contact his family but fails to get any response. He soon realizes that he is trapped in his apartment and must find a way to survive.

As days go by, Joon-woo runs out of food and water. He starts to lose hope and considers ending his life. However, he finds a way to survive by using the resources available in his apartment. He creates a makeshift weapon and learns to ration his food and water.

One day, Joon-woo sees a signal from another apartment building. He uses a laser pointer to signal back and discovers that there is another survivor named Kim Yoo-bin. They communicate through written notes and help each other to survive. Together, they try to find a way to escape the city and reunite with their families.

Main Characters

Oh Joon-woo, played by Yoo Ah-in, is a young man who lives alone in an apartment in Seoul. He is resourceful and determined to survive. He is also intelligent and uses his knowledge to find ways to stay alive.

Kim Yoo-bin, played by Park Shin-hye, is a survivor who lives in another apartment building. She is kind and caring and helps Joon-woo to survive. She also has a strong will to live and never gives up hope.

Themes and Messages

Alive Sub Indo explores the themes of survival, resilience, and hope. It shows how people can overcome difficult situations and find ways to survive. The movie also highlights the importance of human connections and the need for empathy and compassion in times of crisis.

Another message that the movie conveys is the importance of adapting to change. Joon-woo, who is used to a comfortable life, learns to adapt to the new situation and find ways to survive. He realizes that he cannot change the situation, but he can change his attitude towards it.


In conclusion, Alive Sub Indo is a gripping survival thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a must-watch movie for anyone who loves action, suspense, and drama. The movie is not only entertaining but also has a powerful message about the human spirit and the will to survive.

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